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NBVO League Results

Spring 2019 Monday Night League Winners

King/Queen - Tyler Brennan & Bri Holder
2nd Place - Mark Yzurdiaga & Deanna Chavez Nocero
3rd Place - Steve Brookes & Deketa Dawn
4th Place - Jack Quinn & Katy Noochla-or

Consolation Bracket Winners - Tom Moore & Allison Deal

Super Consolation Bracket Winners - Rich Waters & Drew Robertson

Spring 2019 Wednesday Night League Winners

King/Queen - Jack Quinn & Deketa Dawn
2nd Place - Jordan Robinson & Katy Noochla-or
3rd Place - Jay Mutervic & Mina Baban
4th Place - Tom Moore & Jessica Stefanko

Consolation Bracket Winners - Tyler Brennan & Bri Holder

Super Consolation Bracket Winners - Andrew Bowman & Emily Cristiano


Spring 2019 Tuesday Night 4's League Winners

1st Place - Fox Sports 8 The Ocho
2nd Place - Setters of Catan
3rd Place - Volley Llamas
4th Place - How I Set Your Mother 2

Consolation Bracket Winners - Orville Ready Blocker

Spring 2019 Tuesday Night Competitive Women's League

Queens - Bri Holder & Alida Schiat
2nd Place - Kara Connor & Sara Heller

To view more pictures of League Players & Winners,  go to Facebook:  Beach Volleyball NBVO

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